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Conditions of Hire

All Party Hire equipment must be placed in a secure location and protected from any rain, sprinklers or direct sunlight. You must inform us at the time of booking if the location has difficult access (such as stairs) or restricted delivery and pickup times. The hirer must be over 18 years old.

  1. It is a condition of the Hire Agreement that, before using any Hire Equipment, including but not limited to Slush Machines, Jukeboxes, Effects Lighting or Fog Machines, the Hirer must read the safety instructions attached to or accompanying the Hire Equipment. The Hirer will be solely responsible for the correct manner of use of the Hire Equipment, and indemnifies the Owners and holds them harmless in respect of all claims, actions, suits, demands and expenses in any way arising from injury, death, loss or damage caused to any person or property.

  2. It is a condition of the Hire Agreement that, if the Hirer uses a Jukebox or Karaoke system for public performance or downloads material for use with a Jukebox or Karaoke System in circumstances which give rise to any liability for payment of a license fee, the Hirer will obtain all necessary licenses and pay all applicable license fees and any other amounts due in respect of the public performance or downloading of such materials. The Hirer will keep records sufficient to enable full and proper identification of all circumstances giving rise to a liability to pay any license fee.

  3. The Owners do not insure the Hire Equipment in respect of any loss or damage occurring during its hire by the Hirer. The Hirer is responsible for the Hire Equipment and for all loss or damage to the Hire Equipment during the hire period. The Hirer will pay the Owners the full cost of all repairs needed, fair wear and tear excluded, and for the replacement of any item not returned in a condition such that in the opinion of the Owners it is appropriate to write it off the Owner's books.

  4. The Owners take all care to ensure that the Hire Equipment is in good working order at the commencement of the hire. If any item of Hire Equipment does not work properly, the amount of any compensation payable by the Owners will be limited to a refund of the hire cost for the relevant item, and the Hirer agrees that it will not make any claim beyond the refund of such hire cost.

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